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The Working Class Might be Shooting Itself in the Foot by Being Anti-Free Trade March 21, 2016 1 Comment

One of the explanations of the rise of Donald Trump is the concern by his working class followers about free trade, as well as immigration.  After thinking of just how and where their standard of living is declining, I wonder if they’d be only shooting themselves in the foot if high tariff walls were enacted! […]

More Minimum Wage Games March 15, 2014 No Comments

I am in New York City again, and the hard copy New York Sunday Times was delivered to my room.  As usual there is interesting stuff in it, despite some of their editorial policies.  In particular there are two articles that, to me are connected, though nobody at the Times seems to have drawn the […]

Minimum Wages: A Modest Proposal January 3, 2013 1 Comment

Ron Unz, generally considered a conservative but quirky, came out for a radical increase in the minimum wage here last year, not something you generally expect of conservatives, but then Ron Unz and his magazine, The American Conservative, generally take positions we’re not used to expecting of conservatives. He has several arguments. He admits that […]

The Two Income Trap August 29, 2011 No Comments

We have referred to Ms. Warren and Ms. Tyagi”s book, The Two Income Trap, rather often in these pages. When Obama wanted to appoint her consumer czar, she was attacked. Here is Christopher Caldwell, of the neocon magazine The Weekly Standard, defending her. In reference to: “Elizabeth Warren, Closet Conservative” by Christopher Caldwell at The […]

When I Was Young in the 1950s and Early 60s… August 16, 2010 1 Comment

When I was young in the 1950s and early 60s it was just assumed that ‘progress’ was leading us toward a life of more and more leisure and that work was going to get easier and easier.  Actually, it didn’t quite happen that way.  As technology made work easier, more and more work became things […]

Girls Beat Boys: And Some Reasons Why Everyone Has to Have a Job Now June 1, 2010 No Comments

A lot of the gap between genders can be blamed on the fact that technology has made a lot of jobs physically easier and mentally harder.  Women are still on the average physically weaker, so now a lot more jobs are those in which women can potentially compete with men in a way they could […]