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A New Federal Department of Cities? February 17, 2013 1 Comment

Oh good grief.  Don’t we already have a Department of Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Florida?  As C. Northcote Parkinson pointed out more than 50 years ago in Parkinson’s Law, only dictatorships have a cabinet larger than approximately 20.  It is time to start to be vigilant about the size of our Cabinet. Veterans’ Affairs […]

Agriculture in the ‘burbs and exurbs’ February 11, 2012 No Comments

Looks like the plummeting housing market has given a new lease of life to agriculture in the ‘burbs and exurbs.’ Related: “U.S. Farmers Reclaim Land From Developers,” by Robbie Whelan at The Wall Street Journal

A New Word – ‘Blurb’ December 4, 2010 No Comments

In the old days a ‘blurb’ was a positive promotional recommendation statement on a book jacket.  I have done a few myself.  Now we are informed by the developer of Civita, an urban infill project in San Diego, that ‘blurb’ really means a cross between suburban and urban.  Are they going to put a picture […]

New Urbanism: Not Suitable for Large Families November 1, 2010 No Comments

Jonathan V. Last has written an excellent article on natality in America and why we have few large families now, whereas 50 years ago they were very common.  (I can testify, being of a certain age myself, that I as an only child was very unusual in my own childhood.)  While I do not have […]

One Reason to be a Red Sox Fan… August 9, 2010 1 Comment

One reason to be a Red Sox fan is that they were the one team to rehab their stadium without using any government money – and this in blue big-government Massachusetts! Mark Yost describes this in the Wall Street Journal and then some letters say that Fenway Park isn”t really that great after all.  They […]

A Return to City Life After 20 Suburban Years June 24, 2010 No Comments

Ah, so the real reason people with kids live in different places than people without kids – it’s hard to find a three bedroom place in the hip parts of town. In Response To: “A Return to City Life After 20 Suburban Years” by C.W. Nevius for SFGate.com

More Atlanta Oddities May 23, 2010 No Comments

The territory of Incorporated cities in Georgia is often circular, giving a stroking appearance on the map.  They do not cover most of the urbanized territory.  I would guess that half of Atlanta’s population of 5.9 million lives directly under one of the 20 county governments.  There is a City of Atlanta, but it accounts for less than […]

Atlanta May 22, 2010 3 Comments

As I take more of the tours provided by the New Urbanism conference I am attending, I get to find out some of the attractive and interesting things about Atlanta.  It’s easy to dismiss: “Sprawlanta” When people from here want to see a really urban environment, they go visit LA Phoenix, Arizona, without Arizona Washington […]

LA the Least Gentrified Major City? May 13, 2010 2 Comments

Los Angeles has been “gentrified” and made more stable in many of its areas by immigrant settlement, but the phenomenon of Anglo gentrification by what used to be called “yuppies” or their more contemporary counteparts (most of the original “yuppies” are now in their 50s) in terms of upgrading a formerly “bad” neighborhood by pushing […]

Aesthetics and “Property Values” Even Dethrone Technology December 20, 2009 No Comments

Aesthetics and “property values” even dethrone technology, one of the American gods! Related: LA Times: Court says cities have the right to bar telecommunications towers

New York is a Very Strange Place December 2, 2009 1 Comment

Last week I had the pleasure of being in New York City for some events associated with the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA). New York City has plenty of waterfront; most of it is on islands, and it occupies the entirety of two islands, Staten and Manhattan. And in the middle of Manhattan they had […]