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Very Bad Taste Not A Reason To Forbid Anything: A Thought For 9/11, Nine Years Later October 17, 2014 No Comments

There has been quite a to-do about building an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan close to Ground Zero. I have to say I think the whole thing is in very bad taste. With one possible exception. The famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is officially called the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. Gaudi intended it […]

The Virtues And Vices Of Daffodil Season April 28, 2013 No Comments

Between winter and spring intervenes, in many areas, the Daffodil Season. Here in Michigan, it is St George’s Day, April 23, as I write this, and the ground has turned green and the daffodils are out in force, but the trees still look bare and the weather is neither wintry nor particularly warm. The daffodil […]

A Linguistic Test: Blue Kennel’s First December 17, 2011 2 Comments

I have been reading a work called From Bible Belt to Sun Belt by Darren Dochuk about how settlement from the western South [Texas and bordering states] in the 1930s and 40s reshaped California evangelicalism and culture.  It inspired me to give my readers my first phonemic test; this particular one measures Southern influence on California speech. Read […]

Proposition 14 June 6, 2010 1 Comment

I decided to vote for Proposition 14, which makes the general election a runoff between the two highest polling primary candidates even if they are in the same party. I decided that the effect of the proposition might be to weaken the power of social conservatives in the Republican Party, but to strengthen social conservatives […]