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What a Seemingly Innocuous Request But Such a Triumphal Statement June 2, 2011 2 Comments

Why don’t the Muslims just buy the churches, if they want them? The Catholics need the money. Related: “Muslims in France Ask to Use Empty Churches” by Soeren Kern at Hudson New York  

Driven to Extinction, Indeed March 31, 2011 2 Comments

Well, that leaves 140 countries where religions (I prefer to use the plural, because there’s no such thing as ‘religion,’ only religions) are doing fine.  What’s going to be interesting about the nine is that when ‘religion’ goes extinct, a lot of the incentive to have children, especially more than one or two, also goes […]

American Christianity – Soon a Phenomenon of the Educated? September 11, 2010 1 Comment

For years and years we have been fed with the story that orthodox Christianity and other conservative and demanding religions were primarily, though not exclusively, the domain of the less educated, and that the highly educated were inclined toward more “liberal” and “postmodern” forms of spirituality that did not claim to be exclusively true.  Now […]