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A Letter about ‘Freedom’ and Christianity March 3, 2018 No Comments

I have wrestled with the tensions between Christianity and ‘freedom’; and they have been a major part of my thinking, at times even an obsession.  So I think it’s time that I told my whole story and thinking about this issue. An important event in my life, five years before my conversion, was being whipsawed […]

If It’s Within the Law, Why Should There Be Hearings? March 16, 2017 No Comments

David Zahnizer, at the Los Angeles Times, has given us an article on the problems with the City of Los Angeles’ community plans, one of the major ones being that they are not finished yet.  This is helping to create the demand for Proposition S, which I oppose, because a lot of the buildings where […]

The Shoe Is On The Other Foot? April 30, 2014 No Comments

A United Church of Christ is, it seems, suing the state of North Carolina because its ‘religious liberty’ is being denied because it cannot pronounce a same sex couple married under state law.  The UCC should have the right, I believe, to declare ‘holy matrimony’ [as distinct from civil marriage] under its own canon law. […]

Why Land Use is One of the First Liberties April 18, 2012 No Comments

[Note:  This post is taken from a short address I made to legislators in Sacramento on April 16, 2012.] I was first politicized by this issue perhaps 33 years ago, when an attempt was made to run the Orange County Rescue Mission out of Santa Ana by declaring it to be ‘blight.’  Well, what kind […]


In this link we read that organizations are demanding disclosure of Facebook passwords as a condition of employment, or of being allowed to play on a college athletic team. Conservatives, especially of the more libertarian variety, have often displayed a passion for informational privacy; they also have displayed a passion for defending the rights of […]