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Life in the Slow Lane May 15, 2011 No Comments

Our infrastructure has been squeezed between resistance to raising taxes on the one hand, and welfare demands on the other.  Related: “Life in the Slow Lane”  by The Economist

Sex-selection Abortion In Asia April 22, 2011 No Comments

The ugly specter of sex-selection abortion is a reality in Asia, and unfortunately not just in China.  Modern technology has met old attitudes and made this possible.  It is legal here in the USA de facto, but not much practiced except a little bit in the Asian community.  [Abortion for sex selection is not specifically […]

Are Corporations People? April 19, 2011 1 Comment

The ‘corporation’ has been an item of controversy in the past, and not only on the left.  This The Economist article, “Peculiar people,” is a good primer on the issue.  I would add that: 1.  Most corporations in America are not ‘big corporations’ but ‘small corporations.’  Most of the small ones, and occasionally a few large ones, […]

David Stockman, Again April 17, 2011 No Comments

In this article, David Stockman, although both a hard-money man and a social liberal, comes out against continuing the G. W. Bush tax cuts! Read it to find out why. Related: “The Triumph of Politics Over Economics” by Nick Gillespie at Reason.com

Tort Reform and Avoiding Lawyers: Good and Bad Ways To Do It April 6, 2011 No Comments

One of the features of our legal system is that if an organization or business rips you off for $3 million, it’s pretty easy to get justice, but if it rips you off for $30, you’re out of luck unless you can inflate the worth of pain and emotional distress to $3 million.  And one […]

The Courage Factor April 1, 2011 No Comments

The Economist on Obama’s general lack of courage.  He campaigned on ‘audacity’ and ‘we can’ but it looks like we don’t.  Remember you heard it first here on Blue Kennel.  I hadn’t quite thought of ‘allergy to antithesis’ in terms of cowardice, but I guess I should. As a trustfunder, I have to be careful about […]

In a Rather Interesting Magazine Called “The American Conservative” January 22, 2011 No Comments

In a rather interesting magazine called The American Conservative, which is not conservative necessarily as we understand it in Orange County, but actually represents pacifist conservatives of all kinds (and yes there is such a thing as pacifist conservatives) Stephen Baskerville has written an excellent essay maintaining that “Marriage exists primarily to cement the father […]

Partido de Accion Nacional Norte November 24, 2010 No Comments

My suggestion: Shut down the Republican Party in California for four years, then launch a new political party to be called Partido de Accion Nacional Norte (PAN Norte). Depending on what position this party decided to take, I could probably even join it. The Mexican PAN is pretty good for a Mexican political party. Meanwhile, […]

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic finds… November 11, 2010 No Comments

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic finds something actually positive in Schwarzenegger’s legacy.  An achievement on Ambinder’s part. Read: “Judgement Day” by Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic

Jonathan V. Last, Part 2: Testing November 2, 2010 No Comments

I will discuss Mr. Last’s article again, for he also made an important point that I had never heard of before, and that had nothing to do with the land-use issues which Blue Kennel takes a great interest in. It seems that there was, in 1971, a case called Griggs vs. Duke Power. In this […]

New Urbanism: Not Suitable for Large Families November 1, 2010 No Comments

Jonathan V. Last has written an excellent article on natality in America and why we have few large families now, whereas 50 years ago they were very common.  (I can testify, being of a certain age myself, that I as an only child was very unusual in my own childhood.)  While I do not have […]

One Reason to be a Red Sox Fan… August 9, 2010 1 Comment

One reason to be a Red Sox fan is that they were the one team to rehab their stadium without using any government money – and this in blue big-government Massachusetts! Mark Yost describes this in the Wall Street Journal and then some letters say that Fenway Park isn”t really that great after all.  They […]

The Galilee Option or the Gaza Option August 6, 2010 No Comments

In this piece from World Magazine, Mindy Belz explains something that a lot of us don’t realize, “Many Americans are surprised to learn that private property is a near unknown in modern Israel.  According to the Israel Land Authority, 93 percent of the land in Israel is in the public domain – either property of […]

Living Like a Liberal August 3, 2010 2 Comments

In this article Matt Labash explains how being liberal, or progressive, is becoming more than a political belief but a way of life – I would almost say a spirituality of sorts. The text, he says, is Justin Krebs” work “538 Ways to Live Work and Play Like a Liberal.” Ultimately, this is a trend […]

The Value of Inheritance July 20, 2010 6 Comments

In a recent newsletter of the evangelical The Gathering, Erik Johnson and Gabriel Schulze discuss the question of whether it is wise to leave money to your children.  I have some opinions about that.  Here are the options: As Ron Blue put it, “Do your givin’ while you’re livin’ so you’re knowin’ where its goin’.” […]

I Take on Christopher Hitchens July 3, 2010 4 Comments

A few months ago Vanity Fair magazine published an essay by famed atheist Christopher Hitchens criticizing the Ten Commandments and proposing a new set for today. There are plenty of errors and misunderstandings in his critique, but I will address only one of them now; the major meaning of “thou shalt not take the name […]

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism June 15, 2010 1 Comment

Sometimes there are advantages to my advanced age. The World magazine article here from a few years ago was part of a major rumpus concerning something called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism that most of our adolescents, including many in evangelical churches, actually believe. Big deal, I thought. It bore a great resemblance to what everyone around […]

Global Warming: If You Can’t Beat It, Join It. February 24, 2010 3 Comments

This recent article in Reason Magazine by Ronald Bailey raises the issue of whether Global Warming is worse than the sort of society and government it would take to stop it. Actually, I think a more efficient way of dealing with global warming might be to adapt to it.  That solves two problems. First, I […]

More on Healthcare: A Libertarian Speaks Well of the French System January 14, 2010 2 Comments

Readers of the libertarian magazine Reason were shocked recently to find that one of the editors of that magazine, Matt Welch, has spoken highly of the French health care system.  Mr. Welch is married to a French woman, and he spends 90 percent of the time in the U.S. while getting most of his health […]

Real Men Do Ask for Directions, But… November 27, 2009 No Comments

A recent article in the Canadian magazine The Walrus [link] reminded me of the time I took an unscheduled tour of the Oakland ghetto because someone used the route planning of a GPS system instead of their own brain to get to Emeryville.  I formed an opinion which I still hold; real men do ask […]