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St. Paul, Bad Words, and Greed May 3, 2012 1 Comment

In a recent post, the one on the fire pits [which turned into a website and a Facebook page, I’m told] I used an eight letter b-word which pushed the Kennel Kode to the limit.  I thought it justified in view of the outrageous acts of the City Council.  Then I read in Ephesians 4:29-5:5, […]

What Do Words Really Mean to our Contemporaries? February 7, 2011 No Comments

Not long ago I was at church and we happened to sing a well known song called “Power in the Blood.” Here are a couple of lines from it: Would you be free from your passion and pride? There’s power in the blood, power in the blood. Now what does that mean to our contemporaries? […]

The Language of “Mad Men” September 20, 2010 No Comments

I found this on the New York Times website.  Comparative linguistics, or philology, has been one of my favorite subjects since my high school days, though I could hardly converse about it with my friends; it was the era of “Little Deuce Coupe” and the surf culture was fading from its earlier dominance (interestingly enough, […]

Northern Country Music May 5, 2010 3 Comments

Anyone who judged American history by its popular vocal music would get the impression that the South had won the Civil War [perhaps freeing the slaves in the process, but] if you count both blacks and whites dominating the scene.  Someone might be a native of Seattle, Toronto, Glasgow, or even Sydney, but when they […]