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WSJ Reports an a Wealth Camp for Heirs… October 1, 2010 No Comments

The Wall Street Journal reports an a wealth camp for heirs. Something like that would be a great thing for trustfunders, especially the ‘true’ trustfunders who will probably not be going into ‘business.’  Heirs often have mental blocks about the complexities of trusts, estates, investments, and such things that they are often assumed to know […]

The Value of Inheritance July 20, 2010 6 Comments

In a recent newsletter of the evangelical The Gathering, Erik Johnson and Gabriel Schulze discuss the question of whether it is wise to leave money to your children.  I have some opinions about that.  Here are the options: As Ron Blue put it, “Do your givin’ while you’re livin’ so you’re knowin’ where its goin’.” […]