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A Letter about ‘Freedom’ and Christianity March 3, 2018 No Comments

I have wrestled with the tensions between Christianity and ‘freedom’; and they have been a major part of my thinking, at times even an obsession.  So I think it’s time that I told my whole story and thinking about this issue. An important event in my life, five years before my conversion, was being whipsawed […]

Why Didn’t Harvey Weinstein Get His Face Slapped? October 31, 2017 No Comments

My wife’s grandmother, who grew up around the turn of the last century, would tell my wife, “Never be afraid to slap ‘em and walk home” in reference to predatory young men.  And evidently such men have existed for a long time.  In old movies, before about 1960 or so, you often see a woman […]

On Feeling Guilty for Ordering Stuff Online June 16, 2017 No Comments

I like ordering things online and not having to hunt for them in stores.  And sometimes the alternative is being eliminated.  Just like paying cash or taking public transit, live stores, especially bookstores, are disappearing.  There is only one major bookstore chain left:  Barnes and Noble.  And yes you have to have an Account, and […]

SLAP ‘EM AND WALK HOME – A way of promoting abstinence in our culture March 22, 2012 2 Comments

I must start with a word of explanation.  Lysistrata was a comic play by Aristophanes in classical Greece, in which the women, in order to stop a war they thought senseless, agreed to not sleep with their men until the war was stopped; I cannot resist the atrocious pun ‘peace or no piece.’ In our […]

The Uses of Classical Music in the Public Square April 6, 2011 No Comments

It turns out that classical music in the public square has a function of value.  Adolescents tend to disperse from where it is played, so even such as McDonalds are now discovering the delights of the Western classical music tradition.  If McDonalds and other businesses have discovered the usefulness of the Great Tradition, it ought […]

A Generational God October 19, 2010 No Comments

The God of the Boomers says: I know you believe in Me and trust Me, but I need love! I need attention! Faith sounds so old fashioned, I’d rather talk about R*E*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*H*I*P! The God of Gen X says: I love you and have a wonderful plan for your life and all that, but in the […]