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God = Not Society and Not the Autonomous Individual April 16, 2013 No Comments

Conor Friedersdorf, fortunately declares that children do not belong to the ‘community’ or ‘society’.  Actually, they don’t really belong to their parents anyway; they belong to God, and their parents are temporary stewards of them.  While we cannot say it quite that way in the political sphere, I have pointed out in a previous post […]

Evangelicals: From ‘Mind their own Business’ to Activism January 28, 2013 1 Comment

I don’t think opposition to abortion rights is ‘hating women’, but it is very true that the Evangelical Right, unlike the Catholics, came to its anti-abortion position rather late.  It was Francis Schaeffer, his son Frank, and the man who became Surgeon General under Ronald Reagan (i.e., C. Everett Koop), who turned evangelical opinion around […]

The Fate of Planned Parenthood: It Isn’t Just About Abortion April 20, 2011 1 Comment

In the last two weeks votes were taken on whether Title X should continue to fund Planned Parenthood’s work in pregnancy prevention, prenatal care, and education.  No Federal money, and to my knowledge no state money, funds Planned Parenthood’s abortion work directly.  If anything, abortions, though only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s work, have the reputation […]

Moms March 16, 2011 No Comments

Abby Wisse Schachter, in a recent Weekly Standard, unfortunately not available to non-subscribers, finds fault with both the Tiger Mom and her chief opponent on the ground that one cares about achievement, the other about following your bliss, but neither seems to make moral character a priority. Related: “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by Amy Chua […]

Chinese Parenting, Part II: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior January 29, 2011 1 Comment

Here is David Brooks defending the upper middle class American approach to parenting.  He declares that Amy Chua sheltered her daughters from the kind of social interactions that teach us how to deal with people in the real world.  In Anglo culture, home schooling parents, though usually much less manic than Ms. Chua, have the […]

Chinese Parenting, Part I: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior January 28, 2011 No Comments

This article is not only interesting for its own sake, but because it illustrates a cultural division that has been raging in mixed Asian-Anglo communities such as Irvine, California.  There are not separate school systems, but there are “Asian” churches and “Anglo” churches and some trying to bridge the gap, and many Irvine public schools […]

In a Rather Interesting Magazine Called “The American Conservative” January 22, 2011 No Comments

In a rather interesting magazine called The American Conservative, which is not conservative necessarily as we understand it in Orange County, but actually represents pacifist conservatives of all kinds (and yes there is such a thing as pacifist conservatives) Stephen Baskerville has written an excellent essay maintaining that “Marriage exists primarily to cement the father […]

The Pro-Life Vivaldi November 8, 2010 1 Comment

While being taken around to various churches in Venice looking at art – Italy may be working on the Separation of Church and State, but there isn’t much of a Separation of Church and Art – we happened to stumble on a situation connecting Music and care for unwanted children. Antonio is the 18th century […]

Elizabeth Warren, Co-author of a Book We Like… September 11, 2010 No Comments

Elizabeth Warren, co-author of a book we like to quote on this site, may be about to be appointed the new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I am very pleased. I figured she herself was probably not a Republican, but she had suggestions in her book for what the pro-family movement ought to […]

When I Was Young in the 1950s and Early 60s… August 16, 2010 1 Comment

When I was young in the 1950s and early 60s it was just assumed that ‘progress’ was leading us toward a life of more and more leisure and that work was going to get easier and easier.  Actually, it didn’t quite happen that way.  As technology made work easier, more and more work became things […]

The New Suburbs, a Plane Ride Away July 30, 2010 3 Comments

Does anyone air-commute from Phoenix to LA or OC? I”ll bet they do! Read: “The New Suburbs, a Plane Ride Away” by Nick Wingfield via WSJ.com.

Where I’m Still Libertarian (With a couple of shameless plugs.) November 18, 2009 1 Comment

Now that I have become a big government Democrat, I am farther removed from the Libertarians than I ever was before. But as a Christian, I could never be a philosophical Libertarian, much as I would have liked to be in my youth. I did think, and still do, that some libertarian thought is worth […]

The Surprising Fruit of 9/11 September 11, 2009 2 Comments

Today is the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York City. In the US, the event seemed to me to have an effect on the results of the 2004 election, but by the time of the 2008 election the impact had faded. And yet I would contend the long-term impact of the 9/11 […]