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If We’re ‘Better Behaved’ Just Because We’re Affluent, God is Not Impressed September 2, 2015 No Comments

It is often believed that poorer people are worse behaved and therefore undesirable neighbors; and certainly enough, certain pathological behaviors are more common in the poor communities.  This is used as an argument for zoning and government land use control [a form of social engineering] to keep them out of more affluent areas; and interestingly […]

‘Christian Colleges’ for The Heathen? July 18, 2015 2 Comments

There has been plenty of publicity about “political correctness” on campus and on the extreme sensitivity of today’s generation to “microaggressions”.  I posted “Freedom From Speech” not long ago, getting that title from Greg Lukianoff”s book of that name.  I modestly propose to divide American secular colleges and universities into two kinds, to deal with this […]

Peter Schrag’s Disillusionment February 6, 2012 No Comments

Peter Schrag is very much a man of the left, so it is nice to see him getting disillusioned with the teachers’ union establishment. Related: “AWOL At The Kvetching” by Peter Schrag at California Progress Report

Occupy and the Teachers Unions November 7, 2011 No Comments

The goals of the Occupy movement are mystifying enough as it is without their apparently accepting the teachers’ unions in their ranks.  While admittedly teachers are not among the 1%, they are certainly not among the “least of these,” and they and other public sector unions may not be among the ‘rich’ but they are […]

Civilian Conservation Corps October 28, 2011 No Comments

This story about troubled teens being exposed to nature reminds me that while there was a lot to dislike about Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deal, the Civilian Conservation Corps got lots of young people out into the natural world doing work. And so the Civilian Conservation Corps is something I would like to see revived. […]

Today’s Educational Paradigm March 30, 2011 2 Comments

I might take some of what is said with a grain of salt, but this cartoon video explains issues about education – the number one interest of conservative philanthropists – with a clarity I have never seen before.

Moms March 16, 2011 No Comments

Abby Wisse Schachter, in a recent Weekly Standard, unfortunately not available to non-subscribers, finds fault with both the Tiger Mom and her chief opponent on the ground that one cares about achievement, the other about following your bliss, but neither seems to make moral character a priority. Related: “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by Amy Chua […]

Chinese Parenting, Part I: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior January 28, 2011 No Comments

This article is not only interesting for its own sake, but because it illustrates a cultural division that has been raging in mixed Asian-Anglo communities such as Irvine, California.  There are not separate school systems, but there are “Asian” churches and “Anglo” churches and some trying to bridge the gap, and many Irvine public schools […]

Jonathan V. Last, Part 2: Testing November 2, 2010 No Comments

I will discuss Mr. Last’s article again, for he also made an important point that I had never heard of before, and that had nothing to do with the land-use issues which Blue Kennel takes a great interest in. It seems that there was, in 1971, a case called Griggs vs. Duke Power. In this […]