‘Christian Colleges’ for The Heathen? July 18, 2015

There has been plenty of publicity about “political correctness” on campus and on the extreme sensitivity of today’s generation to “microaggressions”.  I posted “Freedom From Speech” not long ago, getting that title from Greg Lukianoff”s book of that name.  I modestly propose to divide American secular colleges and universities into two kinds, to deal with this situation.

The first kind would be a college of free inquiry, where anything could be said or investigated and if people were “hurt” or “microagressed” so be it.  The second kind would be a secular counterpart of the traditional Christian college.  Doctrinal statements would be written describing exactly what opinions could be taught by professors or expressed by students.  Anyone who expressed a different opinion would be disciplined.  There would be “community service” requirements for graduation.  There would be no smoking of tobacco allowed on the campus.  There would be strict rules against sexual harassment of any kind.  Oh wait, some of the colleges are doing this already!  It would be a “safe” place for tender young people who desire safety from “hurtful” opinions and “microaggressions”.

But many of the historic Christian universities were doing all this a hundred years ago!  Doctrinal statements, tobacco free campus, stringent restrictions on sexual harassment of any kind, community service requirements – they had it all back then!  Why should only Christians and other religious groups be able to enjoy such a pristine and safe and secure university environment, I say!

And, in today’s world, you could even have a policy against interracial dating, I’d bet, provided you’d call it “Protection of People of Color from Sexual Exploitation by Those of Hegemonic White Privilege”.  It’s all in how you use the language, I hear.

Herb Schlossberg 07/18/2015

Dear Jonathan Swift Ahmanson:

Excellent Swiftian suggestion. They’ll never do it, of course, any more than the English would eat Irish babies. They’re so isolated in their illusions, they might not even get your point. “What IS this man talking about?”


Alan Blanchard 08/28/2015

Dear Howard Ahmanson:

Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) and Goshen College recently announced they would begin hiring non-celibate homosexual staff and faculty. (See related World magazine story below).

It is unfathomable that the CCCU would even consider the notion of “fixing” this situation by creating a separate & unequal tier of organizational membership to accommodate Christian colleges whose beliefs are contrary to biblical truth.

That’s creating a big tent too large by half.

As a former longtime daily newspaper editor, I’ve always been a proponent of truth-telling in the public town square.

As a journalism professor & former PR director at a CCCU university, I remain a proponent of truth-telling, especially by people of The Way who claim to possess T-r-u-t-h with a capital T.

While compromise has merits at times, how far and at what cost will Christian organizations and universities be willing to compromise on this current issue?

Alan Blanchard, Ph.D.

Aug. 12, 2015

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