A Strategic Political Realignment for Evangelicals? April 12, 2013

Darryl Hart, of Hillsdale College, in these two links (From Culture to Party Wars? and Abandon the GOP, Join the Democratic Party) proposes that evangelicals, probably soon to be rejected by Republicans, could consider joining the Democratic party to evangelize it or be salt and light in it.  That was part of my reasoning for becoming a DINO (Democrat in Name Only).  First: Republicans will eventually reject evangelical concerns.  Second:  there is already a colony of evangelicals within the Democratic Party; most of them happen to be black or Latino.  I know a number of these through the Christian Community Development Association.  Interestingly enough I was at an advisory board meeting of CCDA a couple of years ago.  At this it was announced that Cornel West, who was on the list to be one of the plenary speakers for their annual fall conference, had been disinvited because he gave an interview to Playboy.  Most of the white members of the board thought that disinviting Cornel West was a trifle excessive.  Most of the black members defended the disinvitation, because they resented Dr. West’s making any concession to the Playboy culture they believed to be corrupting their own communities and contributing to illegitimacy!

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Chris Giammona 04/15/2013


While I am not a fan of Darryl Hart, his viewpoint is interesting. One could also argue that evangelicals should stay in the Republican Party “to evangelize it or be salt and light in it”. It would not surprise me if the Republicans continue to reject evangelical concerns.

Should any political party be the voice of Christendom or should it be the Christians impacting whichever party they are in for the sake of the kingdom?


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