There’s More to the World than America December 23, 2012

I am not all that upset about the November election, for two reasons:

1. The church is growing so fast in Africa and China that it more than makes up for our losses in America and the West.  I feel bad for America, in many ways, but there’s more to the world than America.

2. As Isaiah said,  “sher’ar Yashuv” [“a remnant shall return”].  And a remnant always does return.  The whole nation never returns, but a remnant does.

In response to: “America has changed, but God hasn’t” by Mark Judge at

chrisgiammona 12/24/2012

I agree that the church is growing much faster in Africa, China and Latin America (The Global South), and declining in America (or so the pundits say).  

Much of protestant theology today is based on western thinking (initially Europe and now predominantly America), so the question is will the changing church demographic over time impact the dominant western theological paradigm?  For example, do theologians in Africa, China, or Latin America care about “Two Kingdom Theology” or “Christian Origins” or are their categories of thinking radically different (e.g. rich and poor, persecution, men and women)?

chrisgiammona 12/24/2012

The books by Philip Jenkins – The Next Christendom and The New Faces of Christianity shed some light on this topic.

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