Who is tossing whom over a cliff? July 6, 2011

This column by Chris Laureys of New Jersey is one of the best I’ve ever seen on the distortions of our current welfare state.

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PeterAttwood 07/06/2011

Trouble is that all this debt isn’t because of Medicare, which is much more efficient than private insurance and not all that generous.  It’s not due to Socail Security either, which is also pretty minimal.

The main reasons are giving it away to the corporations, who are then invited to take jobs offshore and then repatriate the profits tax free, and the military-industrial-congressional complex that systematically launders the public money into war industries and the revolving door of bought politicians-war contractor executives-generals-mercenary corporations.

It’s just what the Bible says: he that robs the poor, and he who gives to the rich, both alike will come to poverty, which is what the present regime does full-time.

Even Cuba can afford decent medical care, education, and retirement for people, and many other countries with much less wealth than the US do as well or better.  So the US can afford them too,  But what no one can afford is to be a corrupt, licentious empire that has to dominate the world and slather hundreds of billion dollars to reward financial fraud, letting the banksters know that no matter how they screw up, they can’t lose.  And they’re going to do it again, and it won’t be granddad throwing babies over the cliffs but the paymasters of our rulers.

Menikov 07/07/2011

Excellent column. Thanks.

Stoos 07/07/2011


Perhaps you should ask the President of Venezuela about that health care in Cuba?

Very good column, thanks for sharing it!


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