And Republicans Were All So Pious About ‘Local Control’ . . . July 9, 2011

And Republicans were all so pious about ‘local control.’  They don’t want local government to raise taxes or fees, but it seems to be OK with them – except for the ever-reliable Chris Norby – for local government to declare a ‘redevelopment area,’ freeze the taxes going to the county and the schools for the redevelopment slush fund, and [in some cases] throw ‘blighted’ businesses and tenants out of their property.  Go Darrell!!  What’s also to be said for his proposal is that this way people and businesses don’t have to move out of the state – just to a nearby town.  And that way they can stay in California.  Once again, Republicans are incomprehensible.

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speotter 07/09/2011

Hey, if local control comes with this, then it sounds good to me.  The state has always wanted the ability to tax in order to redistribute the wealth.  Take money from those rich suburbs and give it to the inner city schools.  Those rich suburban school districts only perform better because of money after all (for those from Rio Linda-sarcasm intended).

While we are de-centralizing, how about a split into 3 states?  I do object to liberal San Francisco Democrats having all the say as to what happens in this state.


Howard Ahmanson 08/27/2011

And City Hall never redistributes the wealth? LMFAO! And they redistribute it to their clients and the donorcracy, not even the poor. I’d rather no government redistribution at all, but if we have to have some of it I’d rather it be to the poor. Read Francis Fukuyama’s new book about “patronialism.” 

Howard Ahmanson 08/27/2011

Thanks for reminding me. I was going to do my post supporting the three state split. Two proposals in the last two years – both drawing the same boundary from Seal Beach up to Mt San Benito, then the lines turn in different directions. 

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