Taxes and the Schadenfreude of the Rich April 7, 2011

It is unwise for a state to be too dependent on the fluctuating incomes of the rich – or, for that matter, in my view, any organization.  Instead of this being made an argument for “lower taxes on the rich,” it could be just as easily made an argument for higher taxes on everybody else.  We rich folks are not innocent of Schadenfreude and envy, any more than anyone else is.

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Menikov 04/08/2011

Democracies have a problem when over half the population pays no income taxes. What about a law that if taxes go up for the rich they have to go up for the poor as well?

Howard Ahmanson 02/21/2012

Nearly half the population may not pay income tax, but that’s not a problem necessarily, since most of those who do not pay income tax pay payroll tax, a much more regressive tax that falls most heavily on people of lower incomes. 

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