Jeffrey Anderson Proposes March 7, 2011

Jeffrey Anderson proposes some ideas for Obamacare phase II.  Some of these are:

1. Lowering health costs by

a. allowing health insurance to be bought across state lines

b. allowing small businesses to join together in larger pools, which makes insurance more affordable

c. lower premiums for healthy lifestyles

d. limit malpractice lawsuits

e. encourage Health Savings Accounts, don’t discourage them

2. Give the same tax break to those who buy insurance not from their employers, that employers get.

3. High-risk pools, like they do for car insurance now, I think.

These are great improvements that would accomplish things that Obamacare phase I was unable to fix.  And just because these ideas are offered by Republicans is no reason to hold them in contempt.

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Ganado-Lady 03/07/2011

It would be wonderful if Medicare would take the logical and less costly step to cover in-home-health-care, In stead the elderly are forced out of their comfortable surroundings into much more expensive and very depressing, rehab/convalescent “homes”.

curt.deckert 03/08/2011

This looks like a good way to restart health care improvements. How about adding improved diagnostic technologies along with the lower premiums for healthy life styles to make some REAL reductions of costs.

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