Driven to Extinction, Indeed March 31, 2011

Well, that leaves 140 countries where religions (I prefer to use the plural, because there’s no such thing as ‘religion,’ only religions) are doing fine.  What’s going to be interesting about the nine is that when ‘religion’ goes extinct, a lot of the incentive to have children, especially more than one or two, also goes extinct, and because of this, eventually the people start to go extinct as well.  So in these countries it will be a race to see whether Muslim immigrants from Islamic parts of the world, or Christian immigrants from Africa below the 10th parallel, Latin America, and the United States, are going to be the main people to repopulate these countries.  The curse of living in interesting times!

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speotter 03/31/2011

I would expect that you are right in that “religion” is man-based and Christianity is God-based.
I did notice that the “atheists” and “Agnostics” are not considered “religion” in their polls.

Howard Ahmanson 04/01/2011

Well, I think that Christianity is a religion of sorts, or at least a theology. And I’d also say that atheism and agnosticism are definitely religions, or at least theologies. It’s just that they’re not the kind of theologies that drive people to reproduce.

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