Leroy Grannis February 21, 2011

Leroy Grannis, famous surf photographer, was my ninth cousin or something like that. I wonder whether that explains anything about me, at least my current passion for stand up paddleboarding. I didn’t surf, but it was so much part of the culture in my youth – and I’m old enough to remember the Dick Dale – early Beach Boys era – that I consider that I was a ‘surfer’ in about the way that the average American in those days was a Christian! And it’s even more amazing that he died on my birthday. That only adds to the fun of it.

Related: “LeRoy Grannis dies at 93; photographer documented California surf culture of the 1960s and ‘70s” by Valerie J. Nelson at LATime.com

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pblaze 02/21/2011

Howard –
  You have salt water in your blood, I knew it . . . terrific. You must commit to the difficult task of riding the waves. You will find a joy within the wave that will make your spirit sense God’s creation in a way that only floating within the surf can do.
Congratulations on your new passion.

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