Cal-EITC and Gasoline Tax February 15, 2011

I don’t know whether the state can afford it at the moment, but a Cal-EITC would be a good and civilized thing to have. If we institute a higher gasoline or carbon tax, especially, which I do advocate, common decency requires that we balance it with a Cal-EITC that would be enough to cover the costs of the gas tax increase for the least affluent of working people. And they could keep the money if they found less gasoline or carbon consuming methods of commuting that they could afford!

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speotter 02/19/2011

Some would argue that all citizens should be taxpayers.  That way they all have a stake in the use of those taxes and would be more likely to hold our “representatives” accountable.
Advocates of a flat tax and a national sales tax also make the same argument.  In fact withholding was one of the “smartest” things that politicians ever did to hide the pain of taxes.  Put the opposite way, if everyone had to pay a percentage (say a national sales tax) every time they bought groceries, the voters might want a little more say in the use of those taxes.  Make it as painful as possible to raise taxes and keep the voters involved and you will have a more thrifty government.
The EITC defeats that idea and I would be against it.
But not as adamant as I am about NOT having a carbon tax.  The arrogance of the Al Gores of the liberal persuasion that base wasting billions of dollars on crackpot science all because they want to control more of our lives.
Arrogant too in that they think that man could actually have that significant of an impact on the enormity of God’s creation.
Do you really think that Sacramento needs more revenue?  Clearly it is a spending problem not a revenue problem.

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