You Know You’ve Spent Too Much Time in Europe if… January 14, 2011

1. You find it just as easy to think in terms of Celsius and kilometers as you do in Fahrenheit and miles.  You hear it’s in the 20s outside and momentarily think, “Oh, good, I can go outside in T-shirt and shorts!”

2. All the hotels and office buildings in America seem to be lower than you expect; the first floor has sunk to ground level.

3. You notice that most American hotels seem to be filled with the smell of chlorine and the clank-clank of ice machines.

4. You wish they could strain the ice cubes out of your water in restaurants.

5. You think the waiter incredibly rude for dropping the check on the table when you didn’t ask for it, even if you and everyone at the table has dozed off.

6. You are shocked at the idea of regular passenger railroad lines having only one track and not two.  And they don’t go anywhere.

7. You want to ask your pastor why there isn’t more art in the church building.

8. You also want to have a conversation with him about your family possibly dedicating a side chapel.

9. You do not think it too much to walk a mile in an urban environment.

10. You never ever leave the house without a little umbrella in your purse, even if there is not a cloud in the sky and it’s the dry season anyway.

Howard Ahmanson 05/30/2011

You have entered churches twice as often in the last year to look at Art and Architecture as to go to any sort of religious service.

Howard Ahmanson 08/22/2012

I noticed that Finland is like America, the first floor is down on the ground. 

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