In my youth, people knew that the only way to stop arbitrary exercises… December 22, 2010

It is a pity that, apparently, no one got arrested. In my youth, people knew that the only way to stop arbitrary exercises of government authority like this one was to force them to arrest you or give you your way. This is especially true in dealing with unelected administrative ‘authorities’ such as fire marshals, health officials, building officials, etc., etc. If we are not willing to uphold the limits of government the hard way, we will not have any limits at all. It must cost them something to try to arbitrarily chase people out of a public space like that. Some shopkeeper should have refused to close, also, and given refuge, and been willing to be arrested themselves.

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Menikov 12/22/2010

In my youth as well it took only a couple of years for granola to turn from a counter-cultural cereal (promoted by the Hog Farm commune) into a sweet breakfast thing. It seems to be taking only a couple of weeks for the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus to turn from a surprise delight to a heavily-promoted, scheduled event.

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