Immigration Policy: Now I Will Offend Everyone December 20, 2010

I don’t know whether this should be the official stance of the PAN Norte, but I wish to inform my readers that I endorse both the DREAM Act, beloved of the left and the proposals of the right to redefine “birthright citizenship” by defining the 14th amendment’s phrase “under the jurisdiction of the United States” as not including large numbers of illegal immigrants.  If the redefinition of “birthright citizenship” happens, then I would hope that the DREAM Act would become applicable to those born on American soil but not “under the jurisdiction of the United States.”  It’s only decent.

barrywhitesides 12/20/2010

An interesting point of view.  I oppose the DREAM act, mostly because we grant citizenship based on completion of high school…for which the citizenry paid…and then bestow citizenship, educational grants, scholarships, etc.

I have a somewhat jaundiced view of US college education in the first place, so I don’t accept the “obvious” value to society of a college graduate.

The military part exists today, and I support it fully.  I have many friends who earned their citizenship that way…through sacrifice, commitment and assimilation into military culture.

The current evangelical discussion seems to pivot around our duty to the stranger in our land.  It’s a command, not a suggestion.  But I don’t know that it extends to free education, and the right to sponsor more strangers to citizenship.

Thank you for an interesting point of view.

Menikov 12/20/2010

That would be a great compromise. Too decent to pass, though.

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