Rational consideration of “adaptation” for California… November 23, 2010

Rational consideration of “adaptation” for California as well as merely quixotic attempts at “prevention.”  A great book on this subject, about the British Isles, is Turned Out Nice by Marek Kohn.  I don’t know of any equivalent volume of that quality about the natural scene in California and the West.

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Anna 11/24/2010


(“Real adaptation is as politically tough as real mitigation, but much more expensive and not as effective in reducing future misery:  Rhetorical adaptation, however, is a political winner. Too bad it means preventable suffering for billions”)

Anna 11/24/2010

Here’s another one –

The Lessons of Katrina: Global Warming Adaptation is a Cruel Euphemism and Prevention is Far, Far Cheaper. http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/010425.html

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