The Unusually Cool Summer in California Reminds Me… August 10, 2010

The unusually cool summer in California reminds me of one of my pet theories:  that cold winters drive white Anglos to vote economically “progressive,” whereas cold or cool summers push them to liberalism on social issues. This applies to overall climate.  What I don”t know is whether an unusually cold or hot summer will have an effect on the next November election.  There isn”t anything on abortion or same sex marriage on the ballot this November; the only “social issue” is legalizing weed, and I wonder if the dynamics of that issue are the same.
PeterAttwood 08/10/2010

This is most interesting, if there is any support for it. Is there?

pblaze 09/01/2010

I would factor in the use of pot with climate change. My guess is the hippie lettuce is the driving force behind liberal voting trends.

Howard Ahmanson 09/09/2010

You should know, Blaze !

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