One Reason to be a Red Sox Fan… August 9, 2010

One reason to be a Red Sox fan is that they were the one team to rehab their stadium without using any government money – and this in blue big-government Massachusetts! Mark Yost describes this in the Wall Street Journal and then some letters say that Fenway Park isn”t really that great after all. ¬†They do set a great example!

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Menikov 08/09/2010

Having grown up at Fenway Park and visited it in June, I can say that both the article and the complaining letter are true: Wonderful traditions, some bad sight lines. But here’s another reason to be a Red Sox fan: Fenway does not go with the conventional wisdom among ballpark bureaucrats that the way to keep kids from being bored at games is to distract them with lots of pulsating lights, music videos, etc.

Fenway folks astoundingly think that if kids understand more about baseball they’ll become fans. At Fenway the scoreboard shows clips of key moments from Red Sox history, past stars., etc., and gives instructions about how to keep score. Fenway powers actually seem to be proud of their product — and that’s how things ought to be at other ballparks. Right now, lots of teams are eating their seed corn.

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