More CA Teens Stay in the Passenger’s Seat August 23, 2010

Well, for one thing, kids have other ways of getting out of the house nowadays – into Cyberspace and Facebook, most notably.

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curt.deckert 08/24/2010

This is true due to so many choices for activities, electronic connections, regulations, cost, lack of jobs, and lack of pressure to drive. We are probably safer, but tomorrows workers will not have the same drive and experience as during the 50s.

Howard Ahmanson 09/09/2010

Is “drive” a pun?

curt.deckert 09/20/2010

First use of drive had to do with cars. The next drive had to do with motivation. Now the lack of funding and jobs for college graduates may also reduce the motivation of many who have not had to work and struggle for survival and “success”.

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