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New World Order June 26, 2010

A sample of the new pessimism that transcends typical categories of right and left. Is Chinese fascism our future?

In Response To: “New World Order” by Patrick J. Deneen at Front Porch Republic

James "Walkie" Ray 06/27/2010

Hello Howard,

In the 60s I was convinced the Russian communist model would prevail because it had the inherent advantages of being correct in its explanation of history and because the USSR had the ability to marshal, without opposition, its millions of people to a pre-chosen end. How could the US, with its unscientific foundation and all of its divisivenvess, possibly hope to compete?

In the 70s I was convinced that the Japanese model would prevail because it had the inherent advantages of State-aided capitalism and a homogenous society which would automatically march in the same direction out of cultural tradition. How could the US, with its selfish individualism, possibly hope to compete?

In the 80s I was convinced that the European model would prevail because it had the inherent advantages of a government system which dealt responsibly with income inequality and treatment of the less fortunate. How could the US, with its unstable social fabric, possibly hope to compete?

By the 90s and 2000s it was apparent that communism was a fantasy, Japanese homogeneity a competitive disadvantage and European welfare unaffordable. Forgive me, but I’m not yet prepared to buy into the notion that Chinese facism will “work” or that it is the future.


curt.deckert 06/29/2010

Not if we get back to our founders’ basics and reduce debt, taxes, and spending.

In addition we need to enforce immigration, reduce the minimum wage, reduce welfare, encourage R&D with tax incentives, encourage people to live without debt, put limitations on patent and medical claims, encourage new business by reducing regulations, encourage non-profit services with tax incentives, and make everyone pay some taxes–even if it is $10 per year so they feel as if they are part of the team. This will help students and new graduates find work, develop more private sector jobs, make us more competitive in world markets, and help get our financial house in order. Then there are the social and moral issues . . .

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