An Even Better Butts Solution May 27, 2010

I have long been an advocate that smokers should carry a little bag, like dog walkers, to clean up after themselves.  But I saw an even better idea on a comment thread recently.  That, like with bottles and cans, a recycling fee could be imposed and for every filter returned to a recycling center, whoever brought them in could get 5c a filter, or some amount that would pan out economically.  We don’t need any more taxes on cigarettes, but this special fee would help.  And I think Big Tobacco has enough money that it could figure out some constructive way of recycling all the used filters.  If the beverage industry can do it, so can these people.
curt.deckert 05/30/2010

This might work as long as “big brother” does not use it for a new tax opportunity.
Within the tobacco industry the funds could be used as an insurance fund for those wanting relief from the habit or those seeking payment for damaged health. Also, it could certainly help clean up public areas.

Randy Thomas 05/31/2010

Sounds like a great idea. It might be good to actually come up with a recycling device for the cigarette butts that you can put in and forget. Those things are nasty and stink to high heaven. Not like a water bottle or glass. If the container was standardized you could give a particular refund per container.

I think it is a great idea.

James "Walkie" Ray 06/06/2010

Only asses have butts. Pitty the poor soul who collects and recycles them. Otherwise, great idea!

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