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And We Expect Libertarian Politics From… March 16, 2010

And we expect libertarian politics from Arizona?  What would Barry Goldwater do?

Related: “Church Fights Back After Arizona Town Bans Home Bible Study” from FoxNews.com

curt.deckert 03/17/2010

Arizona and the US has changed a lot since Barry Goldwater. He would not have stood for such actions. Arizona United States Senator Barry Goldwater’s libertarian-oriented challenge to authority had a major impact on the libertarian movement. His book, The Conscience of a Conservative, and his unsuccessful run for president in 1964 would indicate a different environment for this group to meet freely according to the constitution. Later, Goldwater’s speech writer, Karl Hess, became a libertarian activist–probably a “right leaning” or conservative type.

Howard Ahmanson 03/28/2010

My apologies to all for posting this twice!

I believe in home groups, but I must admit I don’t think advertising them on signs is the path of wisdom!

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