Native is Now Normal February 11, 2010

I am of such an advanced age (let’s just say that my current age was a favorite number of the Babylonians!) that for me to announce that I was a native Californian was to claim something rather special and unusual. According to Dowell Myers of USC, however there are now enough of us native Californians so that we will soon be in leadership of the state.  It seems to me that there is as much immigration as ever, but most of it seems to come from outside the United States – mainly Mexico, Asia, and Latin America – and concentrate in the old industrial neighborhoods first and the suburbs later; and more people now move from California to the other 49 states than the other way around.  Perhaps as Iowa gave us our Anglo culture, we shall transmit our culture to Idaho and Colorado.  But I feel good about being more the norm in many ways than ever before – particularly as I’m an Anglo, which is not the norm!  (And where else does someone of Scandinavian and Northern Irish descent get to be called an Anglo)?

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Lela Gilbert 02/11/2010

Northern Ireland?? That’s the first I’ve heard about that! Maybe you and I are related.

In any case, I’m a native too–maybe I should come back and run for office!

curt.deckert 02/11/2010

As a native Californian I can agree with your post. I have seen changes of culture that have been exported to the rest of the country. Orange county used to be more conservative as a farming culture–but we have changed a lot. Immigration has had some effects; but—to this day, the natives still make up a backbone of the overall culture. A significant amount of change has come from “big education” and “big corporations.”

ChrisB 02/16/2010

One of the scary things to consider about “native” Californians running everything is what is going to happen to us in the coming decades when we have the current outcrop of our woe full education system beginning to take the reigns. The majority of our children are being taught solely how to beat a placement test instead of the ever so important critical thinking and problem solving skills that are an essential part of leadership. Instead of sparking a thirst in our children for knowledge, culture, and the arts, our Californian society is stifling it all in order to pound test taking techniques into their heads from such a young age just so the school system can get more and more tax money to continue this vicious cycle on more and more children.

We could be headed into dire straights with “native leadership” when next generation begins to take control.

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