Great Commission Utilitarianism February 3, 2010

Darrow Miller of Disciple Nations Alliance ( writes about Great Commission Utilitarianism. I frankly claim credit for coining the term, and the issue is certainly one of my passions, but he writes about it more effectively than I could.

Document: Great Commission Utilitarianism by Darrow Miller

Lela Gilbert 02/05/2010

This is a very good post, Howard. I understand better what you’ve been talking about lo these many years!

curt.deckert 02/15/2010

We can view all work as a sacred trust because the sum of all our contacts allow many the opportunity to hear and see God at work so we are not limited to the most popular “heathen nation” for pressured giving of our time and money. Our integration in the world is like salt which enhances flavor, preserves, invests value, and provides witness. All spiritual gifts of God have a role or function in the body. Those called for specific ministry by the great commission should be sponsored by “groups of people” as should relief efforts to the needy. Where would we be if there was no witness in corporations, shining cities on many hills, or nations? It is the international economic engine funding innovation that provides funds, as an open system, through people for outreach as God so leads. Beyond this, I believe we are to enjoy what we are given and part of that enjoyment is being able to give without pressure—out of love for God and man.

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