How sweet is life when you live next to a celebrity in Malibu? December 11, 2009

How sweet is life when you live next to a celebrity in Malibu?  Outside Bob Dylan’s house, the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.  That’s what some of the singer-songwriter’s neighbors are claiming in an increasingly onerous dispute…

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Lela Gilbert 12/11/2009

The comments at the end of the article kind of tell the tale. In any case how could one porta-potty require FIVE industrial strength fans to blow away the stench? Somebody’s looking for a lawsuit and a nice fat settlement. Their noses may be ultra sensitive but I can smell a rat all the way over here!

kmasugi 12/11/2009

Maybe it’s a metaphor for the way he stinks in concert. Dylan should be sued for faking himself–I heard him on Nov. 11–it was like an evening in Hell.

I had just read Dylan’s Chronicles, his autobio, and thought his remarks on Thucydides and Machiavelli, and his praise of Barry Goldwater might reflect deeper strains in his many marvelous lyrics. And so they may. But the Dylan I heard last night at George Mason University was a caricature of himself at his best.

The evening’s consolation was my Beatrice (an ex-rock music journalist who is now an aspiring theologian) who led me through the Night of Hell with her witty commentary. She thought he was imitating Maurice Chevalier.

I thought he sounded like John Belushi’s Samurai grunting out barely recognizable lyrics from his past. In this apotheosis Dylan was the Unreal Presence–someone who looked like the 20-year old named Dylan plus about 50 years (grinning all the way) but sounded nothing like him.

Wolfgang 12/12/2009

That was 9 mouths ago. And no one has called the honey dippers yet?

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